Story.5:Process until Zaku-san’s room ungrade owing to door-to-door sales man.


Door-to-door sales man(Gundam) appeared again in Story.5
The maniac item concerned with Japanese “Sado”(Japanese tea ceremony) appeared.

It is difficult to find these items in the countries except Japan…

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

The tatami mat for Zaku-san looks good.
Zaku-san also sit on this mat.

The tatami mat for Human is just size for human. But, it’s a little big for a vase.

Next item is this.

I got a flower in my garden.

Final item is this.

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

Actually, this item is “Chaire” used for “Sado”(Japanese tea ceremony).

They cannot be found in Amazon…
It is difficult to find them in the countries except Japan…may be..

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