Story.1:Process until Zaku-san meets his friend again after a long time and they are wasted


Room2 started!!!
Zaku-san’s friend(White Zaku-san) apeears from Story.1.

I also can not stop drink when I meets my old friend…

Well, I introduce items apears in Story.1 one by one.

First item is this.

For Zaku-san(miniature)

Made by my self

For Human

iPad for Zaku-san is made by myself.
But, it is not Ipad but itapad…

the Item for Human is iPad. I love it!!

Next is this.

This item is called “Dango” in Japanese.
This is Japanese popular sweets.

A miniature Dango is only Japanese…
Item for Human is a flouer for Dango.
Let’s cooking!!

Next is this. Sake(Japanese alcohol drink)

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

These items are shown in Room1.

Let’s try Japanese Sake^^ It’s taste so good.

This item is very popular snack in Japan.
The name is “Kaki no tane”.
You can buy this snack even if you don’t live in Japan^^

This is so good snack for alcohol!!

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