Story.6:Process until Zaku-san made many friends


Story.6 is final story in Room1.
Thank you so so much for watching, everyone!!

Many miniatures which become Zaku-san’s friend appear in Story.6.

I introduce one by one!

First item is this.

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

Many fihshing rods for Zaku-san are found in Amazon!!
Lets’ seach!

The fishing rod for Human is full set!
You can go fishing soon with this set^^

Many living creatures apper in Story.6.
I introduce some creatures one by one.

First is a crayfish!

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

The crayfish for Zaku-san is red one. I love “Red”. But, it’s not so fast, maybe…

The crayfish for Human is blue! I have seen it for the first time.
It’s so beatiful!!!

Next is Gold fish.

For Zaku-san(miniature)

For Human

Actually, this fish is “Ranchu”.
I love this fish.

I’m healed when I see swimming ranchu.
I recommend to get ranchu as a healing pet^^

Final is “Tsuchinoko”. Tsuchinoko is legendary creature.

For Human

Living in a legend

Tsuchinoko for Zaku-san cannot be found in Amazon.
I introduced Japanese one.

Room1 is over.

Again, Thank you very much for watching!!
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