Story.6(final):Make many friends(6 Days)

I’m going to go fishing!!
I bought a fishing rod。Sooo exciting!!

I caught a catfish。Good fight…I remembered the old days..
Fishing is fighting.
It was delicious!

I caught a crayfish.
Let’s be friends!!
He is faster than Jonny…

I found a friend again.
Where is a cage…?

Where are you going?!

I caught a bird which has beautiful red wing!
Let’s be the friends!!

I caught a goldfish!
So cute! Let’s be the friends.

He is red,but he is not 3 times faster.

I caught Tsuchinoko.
I have haerd that Tsuchinoko is a regendary creature.
He is a seacret friend.

My room is almost conpleted!!
What to do tomorrow!

Room1 is over!
Thank you for watching!!
Please continue to Room2!


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